Saturday, 13 October 2012

transforming desire

The purpose to go through transformation due to various reasons.

Steps to transforming the aspire or desire. 

1). Develop statement of vision with clear direction.

2). To do strategic plan and design of transformation.

3). Shorter of transformation work process.

4). Communicate about transformation with systematic and wisdom.

5). Focus with efficient implementation and effective result of transformation.

6). Drive the change continuously with training till the desired and result is achieved.

7). Follow through and supervise on the field.

8). Visualise by documentation.

9). Evaluation of the transformation achievement. 


# Practise ESAO in restructuring
Eliminate the functions and roles which do not add value;
Streamline functions to create a lean organizational structure;
Automate relevant functions or operations to optimise resources and increase productivity;
Outsource relevant functions or operations to increase focus on crucial activities;
## Keep It A Business Issue (KIBI) 

Monday, 8 October 2012

quality leaderships

What are the unique of services?

How to develops and offer a comprehensive range of services with an equipped with state-of-the-art technology?

How to welcome and always ready for auditing or accrediting by others?

How to implementing the Integrated Management System (IMS) to guarantee high standards in quality services, environmental safety and health management?

How about the concepts of integrity, safety, courtesy, professionalism and continuous improvement were applied in service?

This idea come from KPJ Healthcare Berhad (

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

precise, concise and effective

1). Tips needs prepared by many experienced and expert who have been in the field for many years.

2). The tips are carefully derived after analysing base on hot topics, current issues and even sometimes on topics which are least questioned.

3). Study smartly and effectively.

4). Would be able to identify important facts.

5). Tips has all the relevant, reliable and important facts and notes.

6). Tips are unique as the tips are relevant and related to topics.

7). The tips are provided by top-ranking professions who have vast experience, knowledge and skills in the relevant subjects. They have been working for at least 15 years.

8). The tips are comprehensive but compressed and closely linked to relevant questions.

9). The tips are very concise, compressed, easy to memorise and easy to study.

10). To make sure you are on the path of success, study well and prepare for the exam, mastering the most important topics for every subject.

11). Read the concise notes of every topic.

12). Ask yourself to what extent have you mastered the topic.

13). Analyse how many questions will be based on the topic.

14). After evaluating your mastery level on each topic, study according to your level of evaluation. Do more exercises.

15). You must attempt all spot questions for every subject.

16). You must finish reading and mastering for every subject. Continue reading other relevant notes, books and do exercises.

Sunday, 30 September 2012


How to plan simulation course?

1. Scenario - summary; chronology;

2. Checklist - steps taken; yes/no; comments;
  • preparation
    • case identification
      • component
      • comment
  • case management
  • risk communication
  • infection control

3. Additional comments

4. Suggestions

5. Conclusion

Monday, 24 September 2012

Obama after presidency

What Obama want to do after presidency? <>

telling and listening

Why is telling?
  • authority
  • manager
  • expertise
  • superiority
  • ego
  • a matter of duty
Why is listening?
  • promotes deep understanding
  • raises self awareness
  • builds rapport

Friday, 21 September 2012

inspiration motivation satisfaction

What is motivating you?
What is inspiring you?

difference between Inspiration and Motivation.

  • internal source
  • come before motivation
  • an honest look inside yourself
  • long-term and goal-oriented
  • life-long series
  • to affect or guide
  • to stimulate to action
  • to stimulate energies, ideals or reverence
  • comes from outside sources such as being inspired by a movie we watch, music we listen to, book we read, etc,
  • idea
  • versus “expiration” (???)
  • in-Spirit

  • external sources
  • reward-based force
  • short-term and task-oriented
  • want to take more action, need to get more results, faster.
  • doing something

  1. the ignition key (inspiration) 
  2. fuel (motivation) 
  3. engine (system) 
  4. road (network)